This film opens a window to three different dimensions of folklore and life in India.
The film documents the dances in the Tribal festival in Indore in Madia Pradesh in 2008. It shows the power and ethusiasme of the folklore and raises the issue of the role of dances in cultures in general yet it gives the unique sensuality and colors of the folk dances of the various tribes.
Part 2 of the film takes up the topic of Pilgrimage and enfolds the role of water in india through the visit to one of the most sacred places also in Madia Pradesh- Om Karshwar. It also includes a glance at the famous Rajasthani temple to CFarnimata the Rat’s worship.
The film shows also the development of the folk danse to an artistic vrtous dance in the temples for the ruling class and documents an 11 years old young girl who dances on borken glass nails and swards today for the tourists while she is balancing 9 layers of smaldering ceramic bowels on her heard. Here too one is amazed at the spell of sensuality and the power of dance.
Anyone who watches the film wants to stay a minute longer in these wonderful Sideways of India.