Lectures & Field Trips


From Collective ideology to Personal diversity,
Israeli documentary filmmaking in transition.

With Emphasis on Yael Katzir’s films, and Comparison to Others.

Reality always surprises us by being more unimaginable than fiction, but it took quite a long way for the documentary to be recognized as an art form. Choosing to do it takes great courage, imagination and perseverance. Most of the documentary filmmakers lose money: their own or their parents. What is than the Power that draws so many to brave this art?: Search of Identity? Social protest, quest of roots? Anger? Love? Compassion?

Who:Guest Lecturer Prof Yael Katzir.

When Where how: Spring Term- A one-credit film course  (7 meetings, 14 50-minute hours) Every meeting will include discussion and viewing of an entire film or excerpts from various films around a thematic topic like :identity, immigration Women’s’ role in society, changing focus of interest. The artistic form and language will be part of the course content.

The Goal:

* To expose the students to the complexity of creating a documentary film in general. * Understanding why Israel is a unique platform for the creation of a documentaries

* To make documentary film an art form appreciated but judge able.

Course Objectives:

* The course will open for the students a window into the world of documentary


*   It will give the opportunity to see and relate to existential problems in Israel, those

     that are not reported on the CNN

* The course will give the students tools to analyze and evaluate a documentary-


No preliminary conditions are requested.

2 short essays are expected: 1. A short paper at the end of week one. ( 2 -3 pages 1500 words) Analysis of a given motive.

2. A short but longer paper at the end of week two. (at least 2500 Words ) Options: Review of a film, Comparison of Two films, Proposal for a documentary film