65 years after WWII, woman Partisan Vitka Kovner gives testimony. Vitka is a fearless woman who fought the Nazis in the Jewish Brigade, near Vilna, taking part in active military resistance. She started her activities already from the Ghetto and her most famous action was blowing – up a German train in 1942. For this she was decorated as a hero after the war.

Vitka is an inspiring woman with a capturing directness, self irony and integrity. Although she lived somewhat in the shade of her famous husband, the film gives her a place that she deserves in history: a fighting woman with a fighting spirit; A woman who is a role model for future generations.

Vitka brings a most valuable and less known perspective to the understanding of the role of women in the resistance movement against the Nazis.

The film has valuable archival material as well as unique musical sound track. The music includes partisan songs in Yiddish sung by the soloists of the Workshop of the Artistic Yiddish songs, directed by Nehama Lipshitz and Regina Driker,. This music gives the film authenticity and emotional background.

It was a very lucky occasion that enabled the director to do this film while Vitka could still fully cooperate. When you see the film and meet her on the screen you will never forget her and you will also understand what kind of freedom fighters were the partisans in WW II.