• 1

    From Zion the Word will spread:

    It is a woman's right to pray in her own voice …!

    Praying in her Own Voice, by Yael Katzir

  • 2

    Through hardships to another challenge!

    You can do it sister ! Yes You can!

    Company Jasmine, By Yael Katzir 

  • 3

    My Mom Died this morning! I always wanted her to hug me, but …

    Shivah for my Mother, Personal documentary by Yael Katzir

  • 4

    The symbol of survival is Playing music in wartime!

    Violins in Wartime, by Yael Katzir 

  • 5

    Only the hand of a stubborn digger will unearth the truth!

    To Brave a dream – by Yael Katzir

Katzir Productions is a production company for Documentary films owned by Yael Katzir.

Prof. Yael Katzir is an Israeli  Historian and Documentarist for 30 years.


Range of topics: A broad spectrum of subjects: History and Anthropology, Culture, Social struggle, Education and Preservation of disappearing cultures.  A special emphasis is given in Katzir's films to the role and striving of individual and organized women. Katzir is also doing personal profiles of interesting and ground breaking individuals.


Attitude: Katzir's films are focusing on the quest of people with a positive courageous standing towards the world. This gives the films a universal appeal which exceeds the local interest. It opens a window into an unknown world, with the possibility to identify with the human dimension.


Distribution: Katzir films were screened in over hundred film festivals. Some won distinguished awards. All the films were broadcasted on israeli and other televisions. They are regularly screened in Cinematheques and other cultural centers.

International distribution by NewLoveFilms.com


The company is known for:

* High standard Research

* A strong and solid script

* Visual Esthetics based on imaginative images


Prof. Katzir is notorious for:

* Finding original and meaningful topics

* No compromises on quality

* Professional in choice of the team for each film

* Bringing each film to the finish line, against many odds

* All her films touch the heart and evoke the thought


Katzir message is: Love, let live, Never give up!!!

Films in production



1. Rebirth in Puglia

The unique story of the displaced persons camps in Southern Italy

(1945-7), explored by the children born there.


2. In Her Voice - Surika Braverman

 Her story: A woman who was sent on a special mission behind the Nazi lines. 1944


3. Fatma's Wish

The first Arabic actress on screen in the State of Israel struggling  to fulfill a modest wish. A film about women empowerment.


4. The Story of the Walls

Unfolding the history of the train station in Tel-Aviv.


5. The Secret of True Cross of the Crusaders

History of the land of Israel during the crusaders period.



Dramatic films:


1. The Ring is Mine

The fascinating story of the Crusaders' Queen Melisend of Jerusalem (1129-1154)


2. The Weddings Photographer, Bassed on a story by Dan Katzir

 A unique mentoring film: a story about the relations between an Arabic photographer and an Israeli young Orphan whose father died in war. 





1. Au Revoir Godard,  A satiric story about Godard never done visit to Israel, a combination of Mocumentary, Drama and documentary